2016 is only half done, and it already feels like a year full of change. Here at Emenex, organisational restructuring seems the most important change we help others deal with. Projects and processes change, product direction is under constant modification. What can be disorienting is that the changes often don’t seem to be connected – sometimes there is change after change in direction within the same group.

For many of us, this amount of change feels deeply destabilizing.  However, it is necessary.  We need to be changing continually in order to improve, in order to move forward.  I doubt that the rate of change will slow down. I feel that we do need massive change right now just to be able to build a life. Yes, you guessed right  –  I’m talking about the EU referendum.

Now that your vote has been cast and the result has been declared, let me ask you, how do you feel about your vote? Do you feel that you based your vote on enough solid factual information?  Or do you feel like you were lied to?  If you could, would you change your vote now?

Ongoing change is a process through which we test ideas, iterate, change direction, keep what works, discard what doesn’t and then repeat.   This process is being applied to nearly everything these days; our technology is a prime example, but look at our engineering processes, our organisational structures and our skillsets….

Talking about skillsets….  If you’re anything like me and been working for 25 years or more – I bet you have a completely different skillset from the one you started out with.

all change pic enjoy the taste of new cheeseOver the years that I have been with Emenex; I can safely say that I have learnt that I am not particularly ‘good’ at dealing with change.  That is not to say that I am not improving – truthfully “Change will be a constant – it’s how we design the future” has become my quote of the year.  It is printed and neatly attached to the bottom of my computer screen to help me deal with all the changes that are coming my way.

This process of trying, testing, keeping what works and dropping what doesn’t can feel inconsistent.  If something doesn’t work today, then tomorrow we’ll be trying something else.  The new idea you just got used to is gone and now it’s time to talk about a different idea.  And next week there might be yet another focus.

So, we can be ‘bad’, ‘good’ or ‘better’’ at dealing with change.  At Emenex we are constantly reviewing change for organisations.  Building understanding and engagement is extremely important.  The key is finding ways to do this that are quick and allow rapid iteration, especially when we don’t have a consensus. Change that affects me (is happening to me) feels different from change that is effected by me.  If an organisation makes the process of change inclusive and empowering it can be incredibly effective. Well, that’s even more change.  I would like to encourage you all to think about how you respond to change.  We’d like to know what changes you are facing and how you are managing to deal with them, so you can get in touch here.

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