extramileGetting the best from your people is rarely straightforward – especially in those roles where they are expected to contribute their intelligence as well as their skills.

People are wonderfully complex and difficult to fathom.  Motivation is rarely obvious and when it appears to be, it’s typically because we are projecting our own motives and beliefs onto the other person.

Fully engaged people do the most extraordinary things

When fully engaged, people do the most extraordinary things – achieving more than they or we might think possible.  And doing it willingly, with joy, with a bounce in their step.

I was struck by this thought as I watched the Man City players at the end of their game on Sunday. Having just won the Premier League title they got hold of their manager, Manuel Pellegrini and bounced him several times in the air with a sense of total joy.

By way of contrast, I noticed the Liverpool team’s shear dejection at the end of their drawn game against Crystal Palace – scenes of utter dejection and defeat as they knew the title was likely to have been lost.

How did the managers of these two teams get their players to these levels of commitment and engagement?

What have they been doing to get the best from their people?

Get the Best For Your People

I suggest that the answer to this lies in the ways they create an environment, a culture in which their people can give of their best.  And then in how they work with people to get the best for them.

In other words; to get the best from their people, they have worked to get the best for their people.

This is much much more than money, bonus and commission.  This goes deep into the heart and soul of each individual; working with them to help them understand what makes them tick, what they want from their careers, what they want to develop, to improve, what projects they can work on to enhance and hone their skills and talents.

It takes a highly skilled and motivated manager to be able to do this..as I expect is the case for both Manuel Pelligrini and Brendan Rodgers.

The question is – are you?  Do you want to be?

Photo: In This Life We Must Fly by Evan Leeson

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