A friend of mine turned their tv on this morning, only to be greeted by the dreaded snow storm screen of televisual death. After a brief moment of panic, she remembered that it was her turn for the bis switchover and her digibox simply needed retuning.  Five minutes later, Adrian Chiles’ face was smiling happily down on the assembled family and normal service was resumed.

On reflection, my friend thought her reaction to tv failure was hilarious, but also brought home a serious point:  For months the media have been telling everyone the changeover is going to happen, support lines have been set-up, information websites created, advertising campaigns pushing the message out there and what do we do? We ignore it and then panic when it happens!

So how do you manage change?  Do you plan and prepare, let it happen and go with the flow, or ignore it, hoping it will never happen?  It’s your choice, but your choice affects not just you but all those around you. Corporal Jones made a career out of shouting “Don’t Panic”, but it’s unlikely to work for you.

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