Is your organisation wasting money on these three hidden excess costs?

  • If your staff turnover is rising you have an excess cost of business issue and are in danger of wasting money
  • If your employee productivity (added value per £ of pay) isn’t rising you have an excess cost of business issue
  • If your service, product and process innovation programmes aren’t delivering you have an excess cost of business issue

Cash RegisterEach of these three issues has a direct and indirect effect on your costs – they make them higher than they need to be, they make you less competitive than you can be, they make you less able to achieve your business and personal goals, they make your personal and organisational failure more likely.

We always have good reasons to do what we do…and to not do what we could do. We often prefer to avoid taking responsibility for both our actions and our non actions.

When you are the sole owner of a business, those decisions only affect yourself, your family, staff, suppliers and customers!

When you work on behalf of shareholders, your actions have an even bigger impact.

And that may just be the catalyst that leads you to consider whether your excess cost of business issues need addressing. And what you might do about it.

About Emenex

We help you keep your great people great.

Emenex enables organisations to get the best from and for their staff. Leaders approach us when they have challenges associated with motivation, productivity, retention, talent management and succession planning. They know that addressing these critical issues can deliver higher levels of profit, productivity and customer satisfaction. They also know that a more progressive solution is required – one that enhances their brand with customers and staff alike. The solution our clients are choosing to implement is the extraMILETM approach to engagement and development. The extraMILETM delivers all the tools and skills leaders need to clearly define and communicate organisational priorities to employees. For employees, it ensures they are prepared and able to align their personal and career goals to the priorities of the organisation. The continued growth and development of both teams and individuals builds loyalty, commitment and engagement. It builds an organisation better able to meet future challenges and leads to higher performance and customer satisfaction.

The result? Individuals and their organisation excel.

Photo by By Daderot (I took this photograph.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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