strategyWell, this past week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. However, through all the different things that I have had going on, one simple statement made by our car salesman; Jamie, has stuck in my head; “It doesn’t matter what car we sell, we all get the same commission.”

I believe that this is one of those outstanding business strategy decisions that makes a company in today’s climate thrive.

An important central building block of business strategy is deep insight into the starting position of the company: where and why it creates or destroys value. This is exactly what this car sales organisation has done. They really have thought about everything that needs to happen for a successful sale every time.

– Wide variety of cars
– Lowest prices (guaranteed)
– Friendly & knowledgeable sales staff (non-pushy)
– Range of finance options clearly explained
– A person who is going to LISTEN to what the customer needs

If they based their commission on a percentage of the value – each sales person would be pushing to sell the most expensive car to ensure the highest possible pay check for themselves. Sure, some customers may buy into it, but will they recommend their friends? Will they come back when they want another car? Unlikely!

My husbands car that he uses for work finally gave up after doing a little more than 301 000 miles. We had been talking about replacing the car for a little over six weeks; there was no question about where we were going to go to get the new one…. The same place we bought our Toyota Prius.

Here was Jamie at the door when we arrived (albeit a little bedraggled having spent a number of hours stuck in traffic on the M4). He came forward to greet us and straight away recognised that we needed some comfort. “Busy day? Would you like some tea or coffee?” He showed us to a table to put all our things down, showed us where the rest rooms were and where to get free drinks. He left us to ‘settle’ for a few minutes. When we had drinks and were comfortable, he returned to ask us if we felt better and how he could help us. We shared our circumstances and what we were looking for, we talked casually around a number of subjects while Jamie filtered cars to suit us.

After we had viewed a number of options on the computer screen, learnt a bit about each other and enjoyed a bit of banter, we narrowed it down to 2/3 cars. We then went to look at the cars themselves. Jamie took the car out that we liked the most and offered a test drive. That sealed the deal, this was the car that we were going to get. Jamie introduced us to one of their business managers who deals with all the finance & paperwork, Russell. Again, we experienced the same friendly and efficient service.

This is what is going to keep their company on top…. happy clients! Clients who are going to recommend the company to their friends, clients that are going to return again and again!

Does your business have an outstanding business strategy? I would love to hear from you.

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