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Delivering Results Through Learning and Development 

Developing people builds capacity, increases engagement and retention, improves performance and gives organisations a competitive edge. Everyone has the potential to do more, it’s only a question of how.

We offer a range of learning and development solutions, ranging from 1-day workshops to longer-term programmes designed to develop the key skills and behaviours of effective leaders, managers and individual contributors.  We offer delivery options including in-house, web-based and train the trainer to suit organisational preferences and budgets.

Emenex is not just about delivering courses and programmes.  We see  learning and development  as an integral part of employee engagement and building a culture of high performance.  It's also about placing the responsibility for development in the hands of the individual.  Aligning personal development with organisational goals focuses investment of time and resources on those things that will bring long term success for the individual and the organisation.  

When advising clients on how to meet their performance, development and business goals, we use the 70:20:10 model .  We believe that learning is best embedded through stretching work-based assignments or projects (70%).  Coaching supports the on the job application of the knowledge and skills (20%) that is acquired through the development event (10%).  This approach maximises budgets and brings long term results. 

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

Embedding learning and  development into business  strategies is a hallmark of the most successful organisations. The video explains how exceptional results can be achieved by applying the principles of  Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. 

Developing Individuals

We believe that development works best when it is owned by the individual. We have a range of solutions to help individuals learn how to manage their career, build on their strengths and learn how to fulfil their potential in ways that benefits themselves and the organisation.

Leading and Developing Teams

The workforce is changing - fast. The ability of managers to lead a new generation of workers is key to the organisational success. We design programmes to develop the capabilities of existing managers and prepare new and aspiring leaders for the next step in their career.

Transforming Organisations

A dynamic marketplace, rapidly changing customer and employee expectations - a challenging environment for senior leaders. Emenex has developed a range of solutions to support those responsible for developing building and leading a high performing business.