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Developing Individuals

An organisation’s competitive advantage rests squarely on its ability to develop the capability and potential of the entire workforce.  In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, traditional forms of development are no longer enough.  Employees at all levels need to know how to manage their own development and align their expectations with their organisation's vision and priorities.

Emenex has developed a range of programmes to help people increase self awareness, align performance and development with their organisation and embrace the inevitable changes that occur in a volatile and uncertain world.

We believe these are the core competencies that every employee needs to deliver results.  Emotional intelligent, outward looking, engaged individuals who are committed to their employers vision and values will deliver beyond expectations.

Driving Development

Personal and Executive Coaching

No one has a crystal ball but a coach brings fresh perspectives and helps develop new thinking and behaviours that can unlock a different, better future. Coaching is a powerful vehicle for delivering better results. Emenex has a team of qualified and experienced coaches who can support individual or develop an internal coaching capability with the organisation.

TakeCharge™ Develop Your Career

Bringing together over 30 years of research with best-practice assessment and development tools, the TakeCharge™ Develop Your Career workshop helps individuals align personal career aspirations with their organisation's priorities to build commitment, capability, high performance and job satisfaction for the long term.

Embracing Change

Change is always happening and the fact is that most people simply don’t want to change. The Embracing Change Programme will turn their resistance into valuable contribution. This fun, half-day workshop helps everyone see change differently and turn change from something difficult into the thing that makes them great.