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Developing Leaders and Teams

Delivering ans organisation's strategy relies on its leadership and management.  They create the meaning and context for employees and help connect individual objectives with business goals.   Today's complex and demanding workplace needs leaders and managers who can engage and inspire.  Command and control is out. Challenge, empower and support is in.

The impact of manager on individual performance cannot be underestimated.  According to research by Gallup, up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement can be attributed to their manager.

This new age of the engaging  leader requires new thinking and different behaviours. Emenex has identified the core competencies that help leaders and managers bring out the best in employees and build a culture of high performance and job satisfaction.  


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Managing Change

Managing change is not an intuitive skill. A striking 75% of organisational change initiatives fail to meet their original objectives. Managers need to understand how to get people to do things differently. This full-day work session focuses on the strategies and ideas that managers need to make it happen.

Coaching For Success

Many newly appointed managers feel unprepared for their management role and experienced managers can feel isolated and frustrated in an increasingly complex business world. What they need is a coach to prepare and support them. Build your organisation's coaching capability with an accredited coaching development programme.

TakeCharge™ Lead Your Team

The most successful teams are ones that are inspired, engaged and supported by effective leaders, who know what it takes to get the best from their people. TakeCharge™ Lead YourTeam develops the essential skills and behaviours for those who have a responsibility to lead effective teams.

Accredited Leadership Development

More and more leaders and managers are finding themselves isolated and frustrated as they attempt to deliver high performance in an increasingly complex business world. ILM Qualifications offer a practical solution to develop leaders and managers who can inspire and engage teams to deliver improved performance.