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Transforming Organisations

Organisations thrive when there is a compelling alignment between business strategy and the needs and expectations of  its people. In today's dynamic marketplace with rapidly changing customer and employee expectations, it's a challenging environment for senior leaders. Emenex has developed a range of solutions to support those responsible for developing building and leading a high performing business.

We're excited that you're interested to know more about how we can help you develop people and organisations for long term business success and personal career satisfaction. We have worked successfully with a wide range of organisations in the following areas:

  • Take Charge: Strategy Programme
  • extraMILE Employee Engagement Framework
  • Organisation Design
  • Leading and Managing Change

Please contact us if there's a challenge or opportunity we can help you with. 

Putting Engagement to Work

TakeCharge™ of your Organisation

A 2-day strategy workshop programme that takes elements from neuroscience and systems thinking to help senior leaders explore their organisations strategy and context. Leaders apply thinking and tools that will enable them to develop a culture with employee engagement as a foundation for high performance.

The extraMILE™ Framework

The extraMILE Framework places the principles of employee engagement at the heart of your organisation. The Framework offers a systematic approach to building a culture, where employees are aligned with their organisation's priorities are better able to deliver their full potential.

Leading EPIC® Change

Organisations must constantly change and adapt to stay competitive. Leaders and managers at all levels must be able to lead change initiatives - anytime, anywhere. Leading EPIC Change® is a practical and applied approach to meet the needs of those responsible for organisational change initiatives.