Clearly somebody within Macmillan Publishing thought that it might; however, now the organisation is suffering from damage to its brand that will have a high cost. The $11.3M fine is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the loss of reputation and brand integrity that will result from this news.

Organisations have a clear responsibility to establish their values and communicate what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour from its employees. Trust is built up over a long period of time based on credibility, consideration and consistency, whereas the destruction of trust happens in seconds.
For all of those employees at Macmillan who do act responsibly their reputations have been tarnished by the actions of those that hoped that they could gain success by bending the rules.
Organisational leaders have to spell out what their organisation will and will not do and must put measures in place to police and punish those that break the rules. The actions of one or two rogue individuals must not be allowed to destroy so many lives and so much value.
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