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Editorial: When Purpose is Vague And Values Fall Short

The importance of clarity of purpose and values in any organisation is well known; so why are so many businesses messing up on something so central to their success?

The data is stark. Almost half of workers say their company does not act in line with its purpose and values – and almost two-thirds of people say they will not buy products from a business they see as hypocritical.

According to the research, a key differentiator is an employee’s sense of connection with the organisation’s purpose and values; almost three quarters would be more likely to stay at their company if they were more emotionally connected to their work.

So we know that purpose and values matter in many different ways, but only if they are honest and true. In the charity sector, whilst over half of the top 100 charities have values displayed in their literature and on their websites, almost two-thirds of them had values that were identical to others in the sector. This demonstrates that all too often these are simply ‘off-the-shelf’ values, with no real thought having been put in to what really matters most. It’s easy to roll out integrity, honesty and commitment, but not always so easy to live them. Over two-thirds of employees said that when values are not lived out in practice, it has a negative effect on their work and their trust in the leadership.

Every organisation needs a clear purpose and honest values; but if they aren’t reflected in the day-to-day running of the business, it would perhaps be better not to have them at all.

Steve Short – Emenex

Apple Takes Top Spot in Indeed Rankings of Britain’s Best Employers

Multinational technology organisation Apple has been ranked as the best employer to work for in Britain, according to data compiled by job website Indeed.

In second place was Humberside-based Wren Kitchens, which employs over 4,000 staff, and scored highly for valuing and treating its employees well. Its managing director, Mark Pullan, said: “We truly believe in developing our staff to their full potential. We have a fast-paced, hardworking culture, and those who put the effort in are rewarded with great earning potential and a fun, fulfilling career.”

The third most popular employer was global pharmaceutical organisation Glaxosmithkline (GSK).

Go here to see how these rankings were compiled and all 25 top-ranking UK companies.

Just 12% of UK SMEs Prioritise Employee Engagement Strategies

While 87% of UK small to medium enterprises (SMEs) claim they are taking active steps to improve employee engagement, only 12% list it as a business priority, according to research by marketing organisation Propellernet.

A quarter (24%) of employees responding to the survey said they do not feel engaged at work. Half (50%) of UK SMEs do not invest anything in increasing employee engagement and only a third (32%) of managers said they have a strong understanding of the term.

Lisa Pentelli, director of Become Communications, said: “Too often, initiatives and ideas are introduced to the [organisation] with little understanding as to whether they’re going to work or not.”

More findings within the full story from Employee Benefits,

Good Managers Coax Change

Some things can’t be forced.
With thousands of books and articles out there, Bob Priest-Heck sometimes wonders if you can manage change at all. His experience tells him that, too often, it’s change that tries to manage you.
As CEO, he has found coaxing change works better than driving it. Often, the most worthwhile idea is the one that you just can’t force; you just need to let it come to you. We need to nurture new ideas with the same patience and thoughtfulness as the gardener.
Yet, when – as he is – you’re fired up by a plan to transform your company, disrupt the industry and delight your customers, patience can be hard to come by.  Go to Entrepreneur Europe to understand more of Priest-Heck’s approach to coaxing change and managing resistance.

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