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Annual Reviews Lower Employee Engagement

Prepare your employees to be coached and your managers to become effective coaches. Employees don’t want annual reviews. They want more coaching, feedback and talent development focused on their strengths. Stuart R. Levine makes it clear: a culture of engagement starts at the top.
He adds, when senior leadership commits to move from backward looking performance evaluation to forward-looking performance development, they commit to increasing engagement and the results are significant – one of most important investments you can make.
More convincing evidence here and helpful ideas too.

Pret’s £1,000 Employee Bonus: Do Short-term Rewards Achieve Anything?

The new owners of sandwich chain Pret A Manger have promised a £1,000 bonus to all employees who are on the payroll when the deal completes. But does a one-off cash bonus actually foster engagement, asks Ian MacRae for Personnel Today?

MacRae debates this question in the context of extrinsic rewards and motivators generally.  And gives his verdict.

Revealed: The 50 Best Companies in Scotland to Work For

The survey, conducted by workplace engagement specialists Best Companies, asked people how they feel about eight aspects of their working lives to determine a Best Companies Index (BCI) score for each organisation.

Since 2001 the highest-scoring businesses have appeared on the national Best Companies to Work For lists published by The Sunday Times. The company have now launched regional lists. Founder and CEO of Best Companies Jonathan Austin said: “The new Best Companies lists will deliver comprehensive regional benchmarking from up-to-date engagement data.”

The full top 50 list is reproduced here by The Scotsman.

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