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Happy Christmas!

As another year draws towards a close, we pause and reflect on everything that has happened in the past 12 months. We would like to thank you – our clients and partners – for your support, encouragement and partnership during 2017.

We hope that you, like us, look forward to the coming 12 months with a sense of anticipation and excitement. There is a good deal of major change on the horizon that will affect every organisation we work with – for example, the implementation of new legislation with the GDPR going live on 25th May; Brexit; and the continued impact of Cloud technology on technological integration and acceptance.

We look forward to our continued partnership as we work to help and support you, assisting your employees be fully engaged and committed to make these changes stick effectively.

With our very best wishes for a happy Christmas and every success in 2018.

Bev, Alistair, David, John, Jonathan and Steve
The Emenex Team

Blog:  Is May 25th Already Marked on Your Calendar?

If May 25th 2018 is not already highlighted on your calendar then I suggest that you mark it now.


Because after this date, failure to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) could result in a £20M fine or 4% of your organisation’s global turnover (whatever is the greater.)

What is driving this change? And what is required and who will be impacted? Read more.

Alistair Aitchison – Emenex

Employee Engagement Tops Business Leaders’ Challenges, According to Global Survey

The two top challenges facing today’s leaders are employee engagement and effective strategy execution, according to a survey of 1248 senior directors and executives, of which almost three quarters come from global organisations, multinationals and large companies.  Also among the top five challenges are talent management, driving work across organisational boundaries and collaborative working across teams.

These are just some of the findings from a new study carried out by London Business School’s Leadership Institute which explores the issues facing the world’s leaders of business and other organisations.

“Importantly, these top five issues are all intertwined: disengaged employees are unable to put strategy into place effectively. The commercial imperatives are clear: without an effective strategy which the workforce fully supports, organisations suffer and results fall,” explained Randall S. Peterson, Academic Director of London Business School’s Leadership Institute.

And of the most important skills required by leaders for success?: communicating purpose ranked as the single most important skill.

See more results together with comment from Professor Peterson here at HR Review.

Beyond Millennials: Embracing an Intergenerational Workforce

Rest easy, say Blessing White. This is not another article reinforcing assumptions, projections, or myths about Millennials. Millennials are of the most studied generations, which means that for every article and study about trends attributed to this group, there is another one-click away to debunk it. We need to broaden the conversation and talk about the millions of people in the workplace who offer as much value, vision, and human resource as do members of Generation Y.

If you are asking yourself what it will mean for a significant percent of the workforce to be Millennials in 2030, you’re asking the wrong question.  A more pressing question is, “What does it mean to have a multi-generational workforce right now and how can you leverage that?” Change is a given, and workplaces will continue to be multi-generational. Now is the time to consider how to make your team and organisation a place that can absorb changing generational needs.

Go here to read what organisations and leaders can do.

Q&A: Cathy Brown – ‘An app is not going to bring your workforce together’

The executive director of Engage for Success on the dangers of technology, and engagement in the age of Brexit

The concept of employee engagement has been endlessly debated and recalibrated. But one thing remains certain: in the face of tumultuous change to the way we work, it’s never been more important to understand why we work.

Ahead of the CIPD Employee Engagement Conference and Workshop on 24-25 January, Cathy Brown, executive director of Engage for Success – the body that has done more to define and promote the concept of engagement than any other – ponders here at People Management about what the future holds.

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