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Blog: Is Demonstrating Agility Really ‘Weak and Wobbly’?

Yesterday saw a classic ‘U-turn’ in political campaigning as Teresa May did a quick 180 on the issue of what has been called the Social ‘dementia tax’.  Having published their manifesto only 24 hours before, the response to this key ‘vote-losing’ policy saw Prime Minister May announce the revised policy to an excited gathering of Welsh supporters and completely deny that any turnaround had taken place.  ‘Strong and stable’ leadership was suddenly termed ‘weak and wobbly’ by the gathering of press.

Are there lessons here to be learned for business?  Read more.

Alistair Aitchison – Emenex

Down With The Kids – Engaging the Millennial Generation

The millennial generation, now entering employment, will reshape the world of work.

New from Woodreed, this paper looks at this topic within the context of Engage for Success’s 4 enablers of employee engagement. In it they talk about the unique traits that define this generation and suggest how workplaces need to adapt today to best appeal to tomorrow’s workforce.

The Employee Experience Index White Paper

The development of a new Employee Experience Index alongside a set of leadership and organisational practices.

Recognising that ‘the battle for the hearts and minds of employees is played out daily through their workplace experiences,’ organisations are now reexamining their employees’ experience at work as a path to improved job performance and sustained competitive advantage. So what is the ideal employee experience at work?

From Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute and IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute comes substantial new research designed to answer these questions:

  • What is the ideal employee experience in today’s workplace?
  • What impact could a positive employee experience have on key outcomes?
  • How can organizations drive more positive and human employee experiences?

 Download from here.

Most Large-scale Engagement Initiatives ‘are doomed to failure’

Expert panel featuring Waitrose and MediaCom urges HR to focus on introducing a coaching culture

Speaking at a London HR Connection event, leaders from the NHS and the private sector agreed that employee engagement aligns to business performance in a meaningful way – but said that focusing on building a coaching culture and fixing relationships between line managers and their staff was far more fruitful than ‘big ticket’ ideas.

“Pensions and other benefits are wonderful, but what keeps people engaged is their relationship with their line manager, the sense of being part of a bigger conversation and a realisation that you have a real voice and an opportunity to change things,” said personnel director Helen Hyde.

From the story by People Management, read more contributions here.

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