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Editorial: The 2018 Employee Engagement Awards Opens for Entries Across UK & Europe

Are you proud of the work your organisation has done in the past year in the area of Employee Engagement? If so, why not celebrate all you (and your colleagues) have achieved?

The Employee Engagement Awards aren’t only for the big companies – any organisation can join in. All you have to do is start the application process here, in plenty of time before the deadline for receiving entries – October 5, 2018.

Winners are forward-thinking organisations that strive to do things differently and put their workforce at the heart of their operations.

The Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) is now in its fifth year and active in four continents around the world. The Awards recognises the organisations that invest in the employee experience to improve the world of work and enhance business performance.

Matt Manners, Founder & CEO, The EE Awards, said: “Previous winners have demonstrated they invest in people in a way that gives them powerful reason to join and to stay. I hope that every organisation – large and small – that is passionate about their people will enter…”

With 19 categories you can apply in it’s certainly worth a go, and we know that all our readers are passionate about engagement and creating an amazing employee experience.

Go on, we dare you…!

Steve Short – Emenex

Blog: Are you Reaping the Dividend of Trust?

Given the reciprocal imposing of tariffs on US goods and services by the EU and China, the news that Harley Davidson is shifting some of its production from its Wisconsin facility to other facilities outside of the US is no great surprise. 

President Trump tweeted his disappointment in their approach stating that he was ‘Surprised that Harley-Davidson, of all companies, would be the first to wave the White Flag.’  He went on to say ‘I fought hard for them and ultimately they will not pay tariffs selling into the E.U.’
The current ‘game’ being played by the US President is one which is slowing down trade between nations through a ‘Tax on Trust.’
Image result for speed of trustIn his book ‘The Speed of Trust’, Steven M.R.Covey states that ‘the ability to establish, grow, extend and restore trust is not only vital to our personal and interpersonal well-being, it is the key leadership competency of the new global economy.’
Read much more here.

Alistair Aitchison – Emenex

How GWR’s HR Team Helped Drive Cultural Change

Personnel Today takes a look at the initiatives that saw Great Western Railway (GWR) win the HR Impact Award last year, including how its HR team helped drive cultural change during a period of transformation across the business.

GWR is currently undergoing a £7.5bn modernisation programme, involving timetable changes and faster and more frequent trains. Such a transformation involves a great cultural shift for its 6,000-strong workforce, much of which is significantly unionised.

Learning and development played a big role in changing the way its employees thought about their role in the organisation.  Read about [no pun intended – Ed] the whole GWR journey here.

How to Design an Employee Engagement Survey

While there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to running an engagement survey, this guide from Qualtrics outlines the foundation from which any engagement survey can be built.

The DIY Manual to Nailing Company Culture

Company culture is the invisible maker or breaker for businesses. If done right, it can hugely impact a business’s success. But it can seem to some as intangible, fluffy and potentially daunting. This isn’t the case say Real Business, as evidenced by their in-depth Culture Economy report – where they surveyed SME leaders and employees, and spoke to successful businesses – and created here a manual that entrepreneurs can follow to help create a positive company culture.

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