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Editorial: I told you so..!

It’s always tempting to say “I told you so!” when something you’ve been saying for ages is shown to be true. And I can’t resist!

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, it won’t have passed you by that one of our regular mantras is about the significance of the line managers in how engaged (or not…) and thus how productive employees are.

Commenting on research published this week by Quantum Workplace, CEO Greg Harris said, “This year’s results demonstrate that unless we leverage local-level managers, it’s impossible to improve engagement. As an employee’s most direct link to the organisation, managers have the ability to create or destroy a workplace that engages their employees.”

Yep. Just like we’ve been saying all this time!

Steve Short – Emenex

Blog: GDPR Issues Not So Sweet For Facebook CEO

As the May 25 deadline for GDPR compliance draws ever closer, it is fascinating to observe how the free marketImage result for cambridge analytica is self-regulating in the case of the personal data breach between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook stated this week: “We could make a tonne of money if we monetised our customer, if our customer was our product. We’ve elected not to do that… Privacy to us is a human right.”

On the other side of the argument, however, Zuckerberg defended himself by quoting Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos:
“I make all of our decisions based on what’s going to matter to our community and focus much less on the advertising side of the business.  There are companies that work hard to charge you more, and there are companies that work hard to charge you less.”

Unfortunately for Zuckerberg while he might be an advocate of Bezos’s business model, his actions speak much louder than his words.  Read more.

Alistair Aitchison – Emenex

Global Employee Engagement Rebounded in 2017, Tying an All-Time High

From HR Dive these are their headline items from Aon’s “2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends Report
  • Employee engagement levels bounced back to an all-time high rate of 65% in 2017, up two percentage points from 2016, according to this Aon report – analysed data from five million employees at 1,000 organizations worldwide.
  • Aon found that recognition and fair pay were the top drivers of engagement for the second consecutive year, followed by senior leadership and career opportunities. Regionally, African employees experienced the greatest increase in overall engagement rate (+5 points over 2016), while North American employees experienced no change in their overall engagement, maintaining a steady 64% rate.
  • The analysis also revealed that a five-point increase in employee engagement levels has been linked to a three-point increase in revenue, according to Aon.  More from HR Dive here.

Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement

Once upon a time, surveys were a staple for every leader to solicit feedback and every company to assess engagement. But now, surveys are starting to look like diesel trucks collecting dust in the age of electric cars. Companies are using cool new machine-learning algorithms that crunch big data to measure employee engagement through email response times and network connections outside one’s core team, and forecast turnover risk by tracking signals like how often employees update their resumes. Who needs a clunky, time-consuming survey where some employees only tell you what you want to hear, and others don’t bother to respond at all?

You do… reckon these contributors for Harvard Business Review.

Engage for Success 2018 Conference: Putting People at the Heart of Business

If you weren’t there for this one-day event, you can get a flavour of the day in this video, and via the forthcoming slides.


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