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Editorial: Creating a Coaching Culture Can Change Employee Engagement

According to an interview with Dr. Towanna Burrous, published recently, “Managers and leaders who are trained to use coaching skills are equipped to create an environment where team members’ contributions to the organisation are valued… Managers who have scheduled coaching sessions and are consistently asking questions will gain a greater understanding and build greater trust with their employees.”

Nobody who has experienced effective coaching would disagree. The article goes on to suggest it is key to create a coaching culture – one of open and honest communication. This type of culture, we know, creates deeper levels of trust and along with it higher productivity and engagement.

So how does one go about creating such a culture?

Firstly, suggests Burrous, ensure that coaching is open to all employees, not just poor performers.

Secondly, train line managers and executives with the skills to be effective coaches.

The first point above clearly identifies something that we regularly encounter: that coaching is seen only as a solution to poor performance; indeed, in certain places it is viewed as a punishment.

Only when coaching is seen as it is intended to be seen will an organisation be able to create an effective coaching culture. And the people best equipped to achieve that are the coaches themselves, as they role model effective coaching behaviour.

Steve Short – Emenex

Fully Inhabit Your Leadership

Regardless of your starting point, if you are a leader you have a responsibility to live fully and inhabit your leadership.  You have not just permission to do this, but a responsibility to.

Why, asks Christin Rice for Blessing White? Because this is what your organization needs; this is what the people you lead need. When you shirk the full potential of that role, whether from humility or cowardice, you inherently limit yourself and others.

So what does it mean to “fully inhabit”? It’s both a mindset and a series of actions.  Read more here.

Hidden Figures: CIPD Research Shows Important People Data is Missing from Corporate Reports

New research from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, highlights that many FTSE 100 firms are failing to share important workforce data in their annual reports. In response, the CIPD is calling for improved reporting and transparency from Britain’s biggest businesses, warning that failure to capture and disclose key workforce data is keeping investors, employees and other parties in the dark on key business indicators.

This CIPD research looks at how workforce reporting has changed over the last five years and explores how transparent organisations are being about risks and opportunities relating to the workforce. The report, People Risk Reporting Framework, explores seven dimensions of workforce risk that employers should look to report against: talent management, health and safety, employee ethics, diversity and equality, employee relations, business continuity and reputational risk.

The executive summary and full report can be found here.

How Teaching Employees to Find Their Purpose can Lead to Better Engagement

Corporate social responsibility may be gaining popularity, with more businesses looking to align with the needs of the workforce, the community and the greater good. Top talent looks for companies that represent their goals and values — and when that talent can recognize their own personal purpose while furthering the mission of the company, engagement, motivation and satisfaction all go up.

But not all employees have identified their personal purpose. If they do have one, they may not have recognized that it can align with the work they do. Business and L&D can help staff members find their purpose and channel it into job satisfaction.  Go to HR Dive for more.

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