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News Release

London 16 June 2016

IBM Kenexa and Emenex Ltd form powerful partnership

Market leading assessment and engagement survey provider, IBM Kenexa, has formed a strategic partnership with leading business transformation specialists, Emenex Ltd, to deliver end-to-end survey and consultancy services based on the IBM Kenexa Smarter Workforce suite of products.

The partnership creates an exceptional proposition for clients, combining IBM Kenexa’s market leading technology and infrastructure with Emenex Ltd’s proven capability in analysing and using employee survey data to promote and support organisations through business transformation.

Research shows that maximising employee engagement is critical to organisational growth and performance. Using the power of workforce science and the precision of data analytics enables organisations to engage employees, enable peak performance and drive business results.  IBM Kenexa’s Smarter Workforce is one of the most powerful workforce solutions available. The combination of human insight, smart technology and big data analytics empowers business to drive successful, profitable organisational effectiveness and performance.

Organisations now have the opportunity to drive peak performance and improved business results using the power of workforce science, the precision of data analytics and expert, specialist consulting, to ensure that employee surveys underpin successful business transformation.


Emenex Ltd

Blog:  The Power of Partnership

Despite it being over 40 years ago, I remember one school chemistry lesson vividly. The teacher filled a large bowl with water, and asked what effect it would have on fire. “It would put it out” we said, thinking it was rather too basic a question. Then he produced a lump of potassium. What will happen if I drop this into water? he asked.

Boom! There was a cloud of smoke and an explosion, to which another teacher came running to see if all was well.

IBM business partnerIn chemistry, the combination of two substances can produce dramatic results! And in business, too, the partnership of two complementary businesses can produce outstanding opportunities. That’s why Emenex has become the UK’s primary business partner for IBM Kenexa Surveys. So what do each of us bring to this partnership?  Click here to see.

It’s time to move beyond engagement.  Empower and align employees with organisational priorities to build a culture of high performance, well being and career satisfaction.  To learn more, call 03450 523 593

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How to Think About Organisational Culture

We know that organisational culture has a significant impact upon employee productivity and overall business results. It’s often hard, however, to define what culture really is. The author of this brief article in HBR suggests that we think of culture in three layers, with increasing levels of importance:

Layer 1: Culture is observed through symbols, rituals, stories, and organisational events.  These are the first things we experience about the culture when we join an organisation.

Layer 2: Culture is reflected through how people in the organisation think, behave, and feel.  These are the things that we experience as we observe how employees and teams behave and communicate in alignment with their individual values, team norms, and unwritten rules.

Layer 3: Culture is the company’s identity as perceived by its customers, representing an outside-in view. For example, Apple wants to be known for its design and simplicity; Marriott, for exceptional service; Google, for innovation.

By shifting the focus on culture from symbols (#1) and values (#2) to customer expectations and company identity (#3), leaders can better create and define a culture that wins in the marketplace.

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Do Employee Engagement Surveys Actually Work?

Steve Rossetti, writing on business2community.com, asks the vital question posed in the title above. In brief, his answer is “yes, if…” At Emenex, we agree with him when he says: “By themselves, employee engagement surveys have little purpose.” He then goes on to say: “But as part of a holistic employee engagement strategy, they have the power to transform your business.”

We prefer to say, “Used effectively as part of a holistic employee engagement strategy, surveys provide valuable information that you can use to inform your plans to bring about business transformation.” It’s a bit more of a mouthful, but it puts the focus on the right thing – managers/leaders and the choices they make – and not the tool.

Rossetti offers three keys to ensure surveys aren’t a waste of time – read the article for more detail.

Look at the Big Picture
Everyone from leadership down to temporary staff should be able to see the embodiment of your company values and mission within the workplace.

Ask the Right Questions
Although you want to avoid asking too many questions, you do want to dig into the details to get a true picture of employee engagement.

Report and Respond Accordingly
Employees want to know they’re being heard, so it’s a good idea to report on the results of company-wide surveys [essential, we would say – Ed].

Then take action. Make it clear to your employees what steps you are going to take. Employee engagement surveys, properly used, are a valuable tool as part of a well-rounded business strategy.

Training Line Managers

According to the CIPD, 70% of training fails once people get back to the workplace.  In this podcast, the CIPD speaks to L&D managers to learn more about the challenges and approaches to supporting line managers to take their responsibility for learning and development more seriously.

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