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Do Managers and Leaders Really Do Different Things?

Are leadership and management fundamentally different roles in practice? Or do they simply require us to focus on different things?

The author recently studied eight leaders who came from business, government, and NCAA Division I sports, using a interview technique that focused separately on leadership and management.  All of the interviewees described leadership as being different from management, yet these conversations also revealed a more nuanced distinction.

In addition, interviewees often mentioned the character of the leader and the positive effects that her character and behaviours can have on her followers; with a dominant difference in focus from managers and leaders, respectively.

The author concluded that certain behaviours and activities are common to the effective demonstration of both leadership and management, but with one crucial difference.  Read the full article here.

Blog: Leadership and Employee Engagement

Not so long ago, Charles de Gaulle,Bundesarchiv_B_145_Bild-F010324-0002,_Flughafen_Köln-Bonn,_Adenauer,_de_Gaulle-cropped the French general and statesman, emphasised the value of a military leader when he said: “Men are of no importance.  What counts is who commands.” Somehow, in business, this cultural norm persists, certainly amongst shareholders it seems.

The Guardian has shared a recent update: ‘Pay for UK Bosses is “absurdly high”‘.  Based upon a report from the London School of Economics, headhunters claim that for every appointment of a CEO, another 100 people could have filled the role just as ably.  One headhunter added: “I think that the wage drift [for CEOs] over the past 10 years is very serious for the social fabric of the country”.

Happily – albeit rather slowly – a growing cohort of leaders are building value for their stakeholders by considering the social fabric within their own firms: the employees.  And there’s research to show the results.

It’s time to move beyond engagement.  Empower and align employees with organisational priorities to build a culture of high performance, well being and career satisfaction.  To learn more, call 03450 523 593

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THINK – Engagement – a TEDx talk by David Coleman

With 30 years’ experience in both directing and advising well-known organisations, David Coleman has built a reputation for thought leadership on the popular subject of ‘staff engagement’.  In this talk he attempts to provide some insight into what creates it and, perhaps more importantly, what destroys it. [And there’s much more here from the Engage for Success movement – Ed].

Going Digital? Harnessing Social Media for Employee Voice

ACAS report on their recent research into how employers are capitalising on the opportunities offered through enterprise social media platforms (as opposed to personal ones such as Facebook) to harness the power of employee voice. But why does it matter? Because, as MacLeod and Clarke of Engage for Success identified, employee voice is one of the four ‘enablers’ of employee engagement (MacLeod and Clarke, 2009). [As specialists in helping clients transform their businesses through greater employee engagement, this is of particular interest to us – not least because we will soon be offering IBM’s powerful ‘Employee Voice’ suite of survey tools – Ed].

In this key report, author Joe Dromey gets under the skin of how – and the extent to which – employers are using social media effectively to enable employee voice (and thus, presumably, improving employee engagement). He notes that the evidence suggests that employers are far from exploiting the full potential of enterprise social networks as a form of voice, for a variety of interesting reasons.  But many of the concerns relate to the use of open social networks – such as Twitter and Facebook – rather than the use of enterprise social networks.

Happily, there is plenty of good news too, and Dromey reports some encouraging case studies from which we can learn.  Download the full report here – no registration needed.

New Talent Acquisition White Paper: Recruiting via Social Media

Want to know how job seekers are using social media? And how HR and hiring managers use online profiles to inform selection?

This white paper has the answers, using analyses based upon a sample of over 5,000 HR professionals and hiring managers and over 10,000 workers, administered by the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute in 2015 in 23 countries, in a cross-section of industries, and thousands of different organisations

Take Charge of your career, team or organisation by aligning individual goals with organisational priorities. To learn more, call 03450 523 593

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