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Sustainable Engagement Depends Both on Employees and Senior Managers

I was encouraged to read this new study report from Towers Watson – Reimagining Employee Engagement in India – because it ratifies exactly what emenex have been saying for years: engagement is not something that companies do to employees, and that commitment from the top is critical.

The study was conducted in India, and found (amongst many other things) that three-quarters of the respondents agreed that employee engagement initiatives are driven from top management, including the CEO. A majority 60% of the respondents agreed that employees should take responsibility for their own engagement.

Let’s not be fooled that this is simply an Indian business phenomenon though; common sense and experience tell us of its relevance more widely. For example: 86% respondents say that employee engagement is a crucial strategic priority but only 49% of employers believe this is actually happening in their company.

At the same time, the shift from the notion of engagement to sustainable engagement, continues – great progress in implementation of employee engagement best practice.

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Blog: Three Ways to Lookchristmas-gifts-presents-580x358-150x150

As I write this, it’s just a few days before Christmas, and like millions of people around the world my mind is turning towards celebration and precious family times. Admittedly, for some Christmas can come with sad memories of loved ones no longer with us; but whatever your circumstances, Christmas is a great time to look back,look in and look forward.  Read more.


Millennial Mentors

Years ago, when the Millennial generation was first getting press, Margery Weinstein – writing this week for Training – heard the craziest things. For instance, she read articles that questioned whether this generation knew how to use dining utensils such as forks and knives. For a generation whose oldest members are just four years younger than her, this was shocking.

There was an article by Matt Hunckler, posted online recently by Forbes that got her thinking once again about Millennials. Fortunately, the piece doesn’t assume Millennials are barbarians, but rather looks at how companies can best motivate them.

The piece offers recommendations, such as offering these young employees “integrity and congruence” over money, and creating a work plan that is action, rather than deliberation, based. Millennials tend to be so vocal and enthusiastic that is important for companies to ask them to take action to make their ideas a reality.

HR on the Rise in UK Organisations as Business Leaders Latch on to Potential

The march forward of HR is continuing in UK organisations a new study has found. For just over half of UK organisations, HR is now a key part in business strategy. Read more from HR Review [a great theme to lead us in to 2016 – Ed]

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