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What Millennials Want from a New Job

What exactly do Millennials look for in their job searches?

The authors of this report asked workers across generations how important particular attributes were to them when applying for new jobs.  What they found was that Millennials fundamentally think about their role as a stepping stone and a growth opportunity.  They also want, however, to feel deeply committed to their role and to work for a manager who will invest in their development.

Millennials place a greater emphasis on opportunities to learn and grow, plus opportunities for advancement; however, they largely want the same things from their employers as most generations. They look for growth opportunities, great managers, and jobs that are well-suited for their talents and interests.

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GuideOne CIO: Commitment to Employee Engagement Platform Paying Off

[This is a terrific case study about the difference that can be made when a senior manager really understands how to raise engagement in the long term – well worth the read. Ed]

Stephanie K. Jones reports on how Doug Cretsinger, the new Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President in charge of business transformation at US-based GuideOne Insurance dealt with some some big challenges.

Cretsinger inherited a staff of around 100 team members plus another 200 or so contract workers, with high staff turnover in the IT department and low employee commitment. To tackle this, he interviewed each of his team members in person. He asked them to prepare answers to three questions: Where are you from? What challenges are you facing? What should we do about those challenges?

The interview process took 90 days, after which he had “100 pages of notes on peoples’ perceptions… problems they identified… and solutions they thought we should be pursuing.”

Cretsinger created a report from those 100 pages of notes that he shared not only with senior management but with his team as well – read the article to get a full picture of the issues he uncovered and how he dealt with them.

The headline results are impressive: the turnover rate in the IT department was reduced from 12 percent to just over 3 percent in 18 months.

Cretsinger concludes: “I couldn’t promise to fix everything, and I didn’t. But I did promise to take action on things that I could. In some cases, I needed their help in order to implement the changes.”

Human Capital Increasingly Reported in Annual Accounts

A report by the Valuing Your Talent Partnership has found that companies are getting better at reporting human capital issues, particularly HRD in their annual statements. The report highlights the importance of people and their value to the workplace, especially for investors and shareholders.  However, whilst reporting is on the increase, the focus is almost always on positive items, with more difficult challenges (lack of management skills for example) going unreported, all making it more difficult to make informed financial decisions.

The Coaching Conundrum

A new report from Blessing White reviews coaching in the post performance assessment era.  Their conclusion is that a new model needs to emerge where coaching is part of a broader remit for managers to engage and develop their staff [sounds like a research based model we have developed. Ed] Read the full report here.

Get Self- Promotion Right: 6 Ways to Conquer the New Career Survival

At any given point in time—regardless of where you may be on your own personal career ladder—you must be able to express the value you are delivering today and what you will deliver tomorrow.  [An important part of what we term knowing one’s personal brand. Ed]

Here are six key points from training you need to know to successfully promote yourself by creating a dialog.  So, when you run into your boss, tell her what you have been up to lately. Your success is her success.

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