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Each week we bring you news, opinions and research on Employee Engagement, Leadership and Motivation,  along with some thoughts on practical workplace applications.

Regular readers of this Weekly News will see no Infographic item this week.  We shall continue to include research data in this way, but on a monthly basis for the time being.

Getting Employees Excited About a New Direction

When your company is in trouble — a new competitor or technology threatens your business model, your cost structure changes, the economy tanks — you have only one key job as a leader: to get the company back on track.  The crisis provides compelling reason for change and, if companies can weather it, they can emerge stronger. Leaders must create an environment where people thrive on passion and purpose, and are as agile and innovative.

But how do you take a successful company — one already highly regarded by employees, customers, and shareholders alike — and reignite people’s passion?  Here are 4 ideas that might help:

  1. Connect organizational purpose with individual meaning
  2. Embrace leadership as a collective accountability
  3. Find your collective voice
  4. Unleash new energy

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engage for success infographic_online copyBlog: Engage for Success or Go Bust!

In London today, business leaders, heads of operations, HR leadership & managers of large teams will gather for a conference focussed upon employee engagement. The industry movement, Engage for Success, is hosting another event, and given the title they’ve adopted they appear to be ramping up their message: Engage or Bust! Read More…


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How To Tell Your CEO It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Culture

Employees are disengaged and blame runs rampant. Customers are letting you know they aren’t happy by taking their money elsewhere. Employees read the writing on the wall and you start losing your top talent. These are just a few of the potential indicators that your culture is not supporting your company’s success.

From tangible indicators such as finding work elsewhere, to more subtle ways like disengaging, or even engaging in more passive-aggressive behaviors, there is no shortage of ways employees provide their employers with feedback.

But how do you approach your CEO about your company’s culture problem without damaging the organisation? Even though it may be challenging to find the courage to give this type of feedback, time is of the essence. Recognising your own discomfort with the situation is a crucial first step.

Here are some constructive and valuable steps to take from forbes.com, starting with ‘It’s not personal.’

An Inspiring Example Of Exceptional Employee Engagement

It’s nice to see good news from time to time, given all the gloom in the world! So here is a report that highlights some ideas from Norwich-based Naked Wines – winner of this year’s Best Employer award in their region. Here are three of the reasons why Naked Wines is such an inspiring and engaging place to work – get the full details here:

1. A motivating office space
It was clear that having fun while working hard was a core part of the company ethos – check the article for some really fun ideas they had!

2. Empowered employees
It was clear that the leadership team at Naked Wines is completely committed to empowering its people to deliver exceptional customer service.

3. Commitment to values
Over the past year Naked Wines has undergone a change of ownership but it has stayed true to its values.

What’s your organisation doing practically to ensure high levels of engagement? We’d love to hear about them.

The Top 4 Things Bosses Can Do To Boost Staff Engagement

According to new global research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, solid leadership is the top driver of employee engagement today. “A highly engaging work environment, more so than any other driver, requires strong trust, communication and vision from the leaders at the top,” the report stated. You can download a presentation of the report’s headlines by registering free here.

The report identified four things leaders can do to boost employee engagement – here are the headlines:

1. Leadership direction
Employees who were confident in the ability of their leaders had two to three times higher levels of engagement (86%) than those who have less confidence (28%).

2. Trustworthiness of leadership
Employees who trust their leaders were more engaged (86%) than those who did not trust their leaders (30%).

3. Strong communication
87% of employees who say their leaders have communicated a vision that motivates them are engaged. However, workers whose bosses didn’t communicate well were significantly less engaged (30%).

4. Demonstrating well-being
Bosses who were genuinely interested in employees’ well-being had more satisfied and engaged staff (90%); but, only 31% of those who thought their bosses weren’t interested in them said they were happy in their jobs.

On the Brink of a Game Changer

The CIPD has just released research that supports the findings reported in our 12th November newsletter confirming that employer supported volunteering (ESV) delivers long term benefits to both the individual and their organisations.  However only just over half of the 1265 HR professional surveyed, said their employer supported ESV and only 13% said their skills development had been recognised.  You can view an infographic of the survey or read the full report via this link.

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