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Developing Talent – What’s on the Horizon?

An article in the CIPD’s In a Nutshell newsletter, highlights the increasing emphasis on hiring, developing and retaining talent.  The article from US author Galagan suggests 6 trends that are shaping thinking around talent development:

  1. Portfolio, project based careers change the nature of the employee/employer relationship
  2. Employee benefits as a retention and employee satisfaction strategy
  3. Single point in time performance management gives way to ongoing performance development
  4. Crowd-sourced learning, mice-learning and other new new approaches increase in popularity to meet the demands of a new generation with new ways of thinking and working.
  5. Building in downtime in complex and competing demands to increase personal creativity and remove unnecessary ‘clutter’.
  6. Apps taking a more central role in everyday decision making and team working.

It’s time to move beyond engagement.  Empower and align employees with organisational priorities to build a culture of high performance, well being and career satisfaction.  To learn more, call 03450 523 593

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Blog: What Makes Your Organisation Distinctive?

Q835-Black-cabs-CF_2363150bIn a couple of interesting court cases this week, two well-known products failed in a bid to have their shape registered as a trademark, on the grounds that in both cases their shape is not “distinctive enough.”

This got me thinking about the role of distinctiveness in employee engagement.  What is it that marks out those companies that have the most engaged employees?  Read more.


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Five Trends To Drive Your Leadership Agenda in 2016

The world is changing so fast that annual predictions are too quickly overtaken.  Some things, however, outlive the transient nature of the evolving workplace say Blessing White in this January article:

  1. Coaching is the new performance management.
  2. Get ready to be coached yourself
  3. It’s a millennial world, be more collaborative
  4. Leverage the new diverse workforce
  5. Help employees embrace change and make change an organisational competency.

Leadership is changing.  There’s a tech savvy, mobile workforce emerging with new demands and expectations.

Businesses Agree on the Benefits of Employee Engagement, but Quantifying these for the Boardroom Remains a Challenge

The employer viewpoint results of the Oracle Simply Talent 2: A Western European Perspective study, published on 27th January, shows a clear opportunity for HR teams to take ownership of engagement in the boardroom, to demonstrate the value of a more engaged workforce to decision-makers. Oracle polled 250 HR decision makers working for large Western European businesses to understand the drivers and benefits of employee engagement in Europe. There’s a lot of detail in the full report, but here are some abbreviated headlines.

Some good news…
93% of employers in Western Europe acknowledge employee engagement is strategically important to their company;
90% agree strong leadership is effective in boosting employee productivity;
65% say it positively impacts collaboration between teams
61% say it helps boost business performance;
60% say it contributes to improved customer service.

31% of employers in Western Europe say it’s difficult to measure the ROI of engagement on the wider business, which makes it difficult to influence senior decision makers;
30% say boardroom decision-makers cannot easily understand its impact;
68% still rely on traditional annual staff surveys to measure engagement;
Only 37% use advanced analytics to measure engagement, [demonstrating that what we at emenex call Infrastructure is not optimised to drive engagement – Ed].

Who do employers say has the biggest impact on engagement?
10% of employers said HR;
34% said line managers;
28% said the senior leadership team.

And yet…
Only 13% of employers consider a focus on line management excellence is most important to making employees feel engaged at work;
41% employees still say poor communication from managers is the most frequent reason for them feeling less engaged at work, despite employers saying line management has the greatest role in driving engagement.

How to Decide What Skill to Work On Next

Success in today’s work world requires continuous growth and learning. You can’t just rely on your current knowledge and expertise if you expect to keep up, let alone advance. But how do you identify the areas in which development efforts will yield the best return on your investment?

People who improve in ways that best support their success look for the overlap between what their organization needs and what will give them the most satisfaction. Jim Collins’s “hedgehog” idea, from Good to Great, helps clients think it through.

Collins found that great organizations focus on three things:

1. Driving the economic engine:  How can you grow in a way that will help the organization succeed?

2. Best at: Once you’ve surfaced useful capabilities you might develop, think about whether you could become really excellent at them.

3. Passionate about: As soon as you’ve gotten a sense of where your potential strengths match up with useful areas for development, honestly assess how interested you are in those areas.

Read more at hbr.org

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