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What Does HR Actually Do?

A major article in the CIPD’s People Management Magazine and online reveals the results of a wide ranging survey into the role of HR in Is HR engaged with EEorganisations today.  The survey found that 48% of employees had no contact with HR in the last 12 months and those that had, discussed only transactional matters e.g. pay, holiday entitlement.

Well over half of employee thought that HR is responsible for compliance, contracts, discipline and grievance issues. Only 22%, however,  said that HR had a responsibility for organisational values and culture or career progression. Worse still, only 14% said HR had a responsibility for organisational strategy (the lowest score in the survey).

Last year we published an infographic highlighting the importance of HR in driving their organisation’s engagement strategy.  This most recent survey found that at least 50% of employees either don’t know or have no opinion as to whether HR has a positive impact on individuals or the organisation. The CIPD’s title in their online article suggests it’s a PR issue.  Dave Ulrich’s commentary suggests it’s more about building relationships.    While HR’s focus is transactional rather than transformational, HR will not be able to build the relationships that drive engagement and performance and gain the recognition for making the impact the profession could deliver.

It’s time to move beyond engagement.  Empower and align employees with organisational priorities to build a culture of high performance, well being and career satisfaction.  To learn more, call 03450 523 593

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Blog: How to Achieve your New Year Resolution

New Year’s resolutions – we make them, we break them and then we usually go back to our old habits.setting goals

It is true that currently only 8% of people who have a New Year resolution actually achieve them; BUT why not YOU or ME? No matter what kind of goal we have in mind, we can achieve them by following a few simple steps. Read more.

Take Charge of your career, team or organisation by aligning individual goals with organisational priorities. To learn more, call 03450 523 593

Solving the Employee Engagement Equation

The ever-insightful David Zinger asks: Work + ? = Employee Engagement. What variable must we add to work to increase engagement? In this article he identifies that: Work + Engagement = lots of good things (examples he gives include growth, better safety, higher profits, staff retention, and more…) He also reminds us that what people view as “employee engagement” is very varied; as he puts it “One equation, many solutions.”

Using his belief that engagement is complicated but not complex, Zinger defines employee engagement as: good work done well with others every day. He then sets out a  number of equations [I call them ‘false equations – Ed] which don’t actually deliver engagement, and some equations that probably do, concluding with the equation: Caring × (Results + Relationships) = Authentic Engagement. How did he get to that equation – read the article here to find out!

So… what’s your equation for engagement?

Some Great Questions to Ask at the Beginning of The New Year

Jack Welch, former CEO at General Electric, suggests the three most important metrics to measure a business’s health:

  • employee engagement
  • customer satisfaction
  • cash flow

Of these, says Welch, employee engagement is the one that is in the direct control of every leader, every day. He proposes that leaders should ask themselves these questions monthly for three months, then repeat quarterly:

  • Has my team really bought into the mission?
  • Do they understand where we’re going, and why we’re doing what we do to get there?
  • Have I made it clear to them what’s in it for them when we get there?
  • Am I celebrating their achievements, reaching the milestones we’ve established?
  • Am I coaching them in a constructive manner so that they feel I have their back?
  • Do they always know where they stand?
  • Have I given them the freedom and the authority to raise these same questions with their team?

Key Management Trends For 2016? Here are 6 Research-Based Predictions

Victor Lipman writing for forbes has selected 6 predictions he has been drawn to from a much longer list in circulation.  Four of the six topics comprise, Millennials in the workplace, engagement, younger leadership, and professional development to tackle retention.

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