Each week we provide you with a bite size round up of the interesting, useful and informative articles we’ve been reading on the topic of employee engagement (and related areas of leadership, learning and development, organisational culture and motivation).  Here are this week’s must reads;

Employee Engagement Levels are Rising

The good news, from the 2104 Trends in Global Employee Engagement Survey from Aon Hewitt is that employee engagement levels are still rising; going up 1% from 2012.

In addition “Aon Hewitt’s study found that high-performing companies (known as Best Employers) drive better business outcomes. Marked by strong leadership, reputation, performance orientation and employee engagement, these companies outperform average companies on sales growth (+6 points), operating margin (+4 points) and total shareholder return (+6 points). They even outperform those companies with high employee engagement alone.”

This study adds yet more data to support the view that employee engagement is linked to organisational performance and provides insights into the key factors required to create an environment in which employees can become more engaged.

The Trouble with Leadership Theories

In this article, Doug Sundheim argues that we should move our focus away from leadership theories beacuse they’re too easy to hide behind. They become proxies for actual leadership. When something important is on the line, people don’t follow five-tiered triangles, four-box matrices, or three concentric circles. They follow real people. So “ask yourself, what do I believe makes a great leader?  Trust your gut and experience. Don’t worry about making it perfect.” And write it down

ACAS Promotes Employee Engagement

Acas (the UK’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) help organisations with employment relations, working with employers and employees to solve problems and improve performance. It’s therefore interesting (and reassuring!) to see them promoting employee engagement.

In their article “Happy and productive people equals growth” they identify four key ingredients of a happier, more motivated and more productive workforce:

  • Leaders with a vision who value how individuals contribute
  • Line managers who empower rather than control their staff
  • Values that are lived and not just spoken, leading to a sense of trust and integrity
  • Employees who have the chance to voice their views and concerns

They recognise there are other critical elements like accessing finance, customers, accommodation, skills, innovation, regulation etc., but in every organisation people are key; the article makes the point that it is vital that managers and leaders, in every organisation, are equipped with the skills they need to get the best from and for their people.

How to Stay Motivated

Sarah West Ervin has written this article about steps to stay motivated for freelancers and creative types – we think it has value for everyone!

She describes the nine steps we can all use to build and maintain our intrinsic motivation levels.  The nine steps are;

  • Work with your strengths
  • Seek intrinsic motivators
  • Set BHAGS
  • Set the mood
  • Set your schedule
  • Stay creatively fueled
  • Stay accountable
  • Procrastination – Just say no
  • Persevere

and it has some great graphics to keep you motivated to read to the end

Four Vital Signs for a Healthy Organisation

The Four Signs  are;

  1. Build trust
  2. Clarify and over-communicate
  3. Create a safe environment and encourage debate
  4. Be courageous

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