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Making the Case for Employee Engagement 

This biggest challenge facing CEOs around the world right now is employee engagement.  They also recognise it is one of the most effective ways of driving up results. If you're not already convinced, read our white paper, which summarises many of the key research papers and outlines how to make employee engagement work in your own organisation. The video "What do People do all Day?" is a lighthearted take on engagement. The white paper and the video draw similar conclusions:

 Engaged employees work smarter, deliver more and stay longer.

We have distilled the thinking and research from around the world to create the extraMILE Model. We have identified the key drivers behind engagement and developed a Framework that enables you to build an engaging culture that promotes high performance.  Begin the journey to a high performance culture and Take the Pulse in your organisation. 

“It has been a real joy to have Emenex working with us. As a result of the work we have done together, the practice team has become stronger and clearer about their joint vision and goals. Most importantly, this has strengthened us as a team through more effective alignment and engagement.” Desiree Warren, Practice Manager, Tilehurst Surgery Practice.

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Read our white paper: The Business Case for and Application of Employee Engagement.

The extraMILE Model

The extraMILE Model identifies the key drivers for engagement and the alignment between individual and organisational expectations and values

The extraMILE Framework

In the most successful organisations, values drive the behaviour of employees and leaders alike. The extraMILE Framework is a structured, yet flexible road map to a sustainable values led high performance culture.

Take the Pulse – the extraMILE Survey

Your employees are not only your best asset, they could well be your only asset. The extraMILE Employee Engagement Survey provides unique insights into how effective you are in building a culture of employee engagement and performance.