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The extraMILE Framework


The extraMILE Framework places the principles of employee engagement at the heart of your organisation.  The Framework offers a systematic approach to building a sustainable high performance culture, where employees are better able to deliver their full potential, aligned with their organisation's priorities and values.

The extraMILE Framework helps align the organisational values, priorities and processes at an individual employee level, building commitment to personal growth and organisational success.   This symbiotic relationship benefits employees, the organisation and critically for bottom line results,  the customer.

Each stage in the Framework can be delivered separately and we can provide consulting support to support existing organisational initiatives. 


"Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 29:18). Priorities that are not clearly articulated or adequately resourced de-motivate employees as they struggle to understand what is expected of them or how they can achieve them. Where the values of the organisation are not articulated clearly, the end becomes more important than the means, with people getting hurt along the way. Processes and structures that are not aligned with the vision, priorities, values and expectations of the organisation create barriers to performance.
The starting point for the engagement journey begins with understanding the current situation and how employees feel about the support they receive from the organisation and how this, in turn, supports the expectations placed upon them. Our employee engagement survey provides a dashboard of engagement across eight factors of engagement. This defines a starting point and benchmark from which higher levels of engagement can be built.
The foundation of an engaging, high performance culture is the vision, values and priorities of the organisation. The responsibility for establishing these foundations lies firmly with the senior leadership team. Involving the senior team from the outset to clarify and communicate the organisation's vision, values and priorities, helps to align day-to-day management and employee behaviour with the organisation's vision.
An effective performance management and development framework that reflects the organisation's vision and values sets the scene for organisational alignment Performance assessment and career development processes, aligned to a clear set of corporate standards and expectations, creates a golden thread between individual performance and organisational priorities. With a clear operational framework in place, employees can be empowered to manage their own performance and development aligning their talents and aspirations with organisational expectations.
Once the priorities and expectation of the organisation are set, the focus for engagement shifts to building employee ownership. Individuals embark upon a journey of self-discovery. They learn about their natural strengths, learned skills, motivations and aspirations and seek to align these with the organisational priorities and expectations for their specific role. Empowering employees to take charge of their development and aligning this to the needs and expectations of the organisation is central to establishing a culture of high performance and employee engagement.
With all the preparation work done, managers and employees are now much better placed to work together in order to deliver on the objectives of the organisation. Leadership and management development emphasises the need to shift from command and control to challenge and support. Employees begin to unleash their potential, bringing higher levels of involvement and innovation. The deployment of skills and behaviours are now more closely aligned to current expectations. This reveals a clear path for career development, maintaining motivation and sustaining commitment on both sides.
This final step in this Framework elevates individual steps into a continuous cycle of improvement. It maintains employee involvement and demonstrates that the organisation does indeed value individual contributions. Through on-going benchmarking, the organisation can better understand how employees are feeling about their engagement as a result of the improvements that they have been making. As communication, trust and commitment elevate to higher levels, issues are spotted sooner and actions taken earlier and quicker. This further strengthens the bond between employee and the organisation and embeds the cycle of performance and engagement for the long term.

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Twogether Creative Case StudyUnknown

Twogether is a fast growing technology company who have implemented the extraMILE Framework  to transform their organisation. Engagement has risen by 12 points and in the words of Kirsty Gilchrist the Managing Director, "We are now even more confident that we employ truly great people who are doing truly great work.” Read the case study.



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