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The Emenex Employee Engagement Survey takes a closer look at the layers of employee engagement within the organisation: at an organisational level, by department and supervisor.  It helps ‘take the pulse’ of the people across 8 key areas of employee engagement as defined by the Emenex extraMILE model.

The 8 factors underpinning the full survey are the start of a strategic employee engagement plan with a tangible ROI focus.  Evidence from industry shows that firms with high levels of sustained employee engagement have achieved:

  • twice the net profit of the low scorers,
  • 2.5 times the revenue growth,
  • 12% higher levels of customer satisfaction,
  • 60% higher levels of productivity and
  • 40% lower employee turnover.

The Emenex Employee Engagement Survey operates online and can be customised.  Deeper analysis is available with reports on role, geography, managerial level, gender, ethnicity, length of service and age.  Additional questions can be added to focus upon other key areas e.g. Trust and Ethics.

If you already have a Survey, we can map your existing questions and results against our extraMILE model to identify and gauge your strengths and weaknesses across our 8 core factors.  This process will also identify strengths and blind spots in your existing survey, to ensure you cover all aspects of the Employee Engagement puzzle.

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