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Here are five common ways in which organisations manage to get employee engagement wrong…and which lead to the opposite result, because the aren’t actually about engagement, merely re-labelled as such.

1. Doing Employee Engagement TO your Staff. A fundamental tenet of employee engagement is that it is employees who become engaged whilst their employer creates the environment in which engagement can flourish. So you can’t do employee engagement to people, it simply doesn’t work.
2. Doing Employee Engagement by providing a ‘cool’ workplace, free fruit, shoulder massages or pool rooms. Great and it probably won’t do any harm…but if you have a toxic working culture, no amount of ‘perfume’ will do. It will still be toxic no matter how lovely you try and make the environment.
3. Doing Employee Engagement with a ‘Rewards’ Programme. So what? These programmes are boring and/or extremely expensive. We know all you are trying to do is to ‘buy’ our engagement. It is still about you and not about me.
4. Doing Employee Engagement through FUN. So you arrange a great event and tell everyone they have to attend. Two things are wrong here. We all have different ideas about our take on fun. This event may absolutely not be fun for me, even if it is for you. And then you make it worse by insisting (explicitly or implicitly) that everyone attends. That’s similar to 1 above and suffers from the same misunderstanding – that engagement can we done to people.
5. Not Starting or Stopping Doing Employee Engagement. Okay, so this is a different order problem to the others, but with the same outcome. Perhaps you see Employee Engagement as another management fad, perhaps you feel you’ve tried it without success. Whatever the reason, you are now lined up in the ‘anti employee engagement’ camp. Shame, because done right, done with clarity, done correctly, done with your employees, it can be the most liberating, exciting and transformational people focused strategy you could employ. And that applies to both your organisation and your employees. A true win/win outcome.

If you like to give Employee Engagement a real try, try us. We’ll do what we can to share our sense of excitement about what Employee Engagement processes can do for you, your business, your employees and your customers.

If you’ve ever struggled to establish an environment that fosters employee engagement, alignment, involvement and performance, then call us. The ExtraMILE process may well be the solution for you, as it is for an increasing number of organisations around the world.

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