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Introducing Employee Voice

The voice of the employee is more powerful than ever before.  Employees are more willing than ever
to share their opinions at work. Serving as the eyes and ears of the organization, they can alert leaders to customer issues, product reception, and opportunities for growth.

Employees want to be heard. 83% of employees said they would participate in an employee listening programme.  They want to have a voice in determining what actions are taken, when and by whom at work. Moreover, they desire a purpose in their work and want to be involved in conversations relating to workplace culture and ethics.

Employee Voice provides surveys, from census to self-service pulse, along with analytics capabilities to help you strategically listen to employee feedback, analyze what you are hearing and act on those insights to improve employee engagement and business performance. You can gain insights, mitigate risks, address hot spots, identify areas of opportunity and contribute to the overall success of the business.   Learn More.

How Lloyds Banking Group Uses Employee Voice to Improve Employee Engagement


A fully managed census survey, backed by an extensive library of questions, that lets you listen to your organization so you can measure what matters.

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Self-service pulse surveys that allow you to implement agile, ongoing listening to gain insights, mitigate risks, address hot spots and identify areas of opportunity.

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Integrated analytics, powered by IBM Watson™ Analytics, allows you to gain deeper insights into your survey results and combine it with other workforce data sources for greater context.

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Changing The Employee Engagement Game with Employee Voice