After a visit to the Anthony Gormley statues on Crosby beach, I travelled over to Southport – mainly because I’d never been there before.  It’s a pretty town and apparently the Champs Ellise in Paris is modelled on Southport’s main shopping street.

Another claim to fame is Southport’s pier.  It’s the second longest in England, although that sounds like a runners up medal – close but no cigar.  At the end of the pier is an old fashioned penny arcade full of early 20th century amusements from one armed bandits to the very scary laughing seaman (remember the film?).  And of course the fortune telling machines.

I tried out a few slot machines, penny rolls and finally had a go with a palm-reading machine.  After ‘scanning’ my hand with what felt like ball bearings, out popped a card with the analysis.  As I read the results, I was thinking “this sounds just like me, how could it be so accurate?”  Was this just a mechanical toy, or something more?

Of course it’s all very nice to be hear that you have such positive qualities, but we all know that it’s just a game, nothing more.

But wait.  Imagine for a moment that everything on that card was true.  All of those qualities were mine in abundance.  How would that change thing for me?  How would that impact on my confidence and performance?

So, here’s my gift to you.  I’m going to read your palm.  

Hold up your palm to the screen so I can see it.  No it doesn’t matter which one.  That’s right, perfect. Now hold it still ….  


Here’s what I see.

You hand denotes great ability for business details; hence you are bound to succeed in whatever you take in hand.  You are freehearted and know how to make and spend money.  You are slow to make friends, which is a very good quality.  You have great determination, which should stand you in good stead.  Life for you will not be a bed of roses, but you have courage to overcome obstacles as they arise.  You are logical and have splendid willpower, which is a great asset.  You are fond of the good things of life and like comforts to an advanced degree.

Imagine this is true.  Imagine you are courageous, determined and have great business acumen. What would change for you, what would you do new or differently? 

So what is stopping you?

Think carefully about your answer, it may be the start of making your dreams come true.

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