Last month I highlighted the importance, in the world of woBH_Graphicrk, for employees to know their ‘personal brand.’  Being aware of one’s enterprise, as I put it, and understanding how to apply it in one’s company for mutual gain.  Thus, being engaged.

Creating a pervasive culture and (leadership) best practice for great staff engagement rests with senior management of course, yet there’s no shortage of commentators and recent surveys that continue to report that levels of strong engagement remain woefully low (and levels of active dis-engagement, high).  Paradoxically, companies themselves keep reminding us of threats they see from talent and skills shortages, plus the growing challenge of meeting the varying expectations of younger generations of workers.

So, what can employees do for themselves, and maybe colleagues too, to fuel their engagement in order to get closer at least to a more satisfying experience at work?

For a more structured and rigorous answer, there are proven tools and empirical models that really can equip employees to take control of their careers whilst aligning themselves to the needs of an organisation.  But in the absence of any leadership initiatives to foster such outcomes, here are a few ideas – it’s not rocket science:

  • Focus on your developing your strengths –even if appraisals where you work resemble “drive-by-shootings”
  • Demonstrate your values consistently every day and set high standards
  • Learn to coach others, even if it’s not (yet) in your job description
  • Extend your network in the business, especially with those enthused and engaged in their work
  • Seek work assignments that will grow you – maybe excite you – without demands for promotion
  • Help your boss be an even higher performer

It’s not the list.  How have you acted to drive your engagement at work and influence those around you?

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