Despite the upturn in the British weather during the period April to June and in part due to the impact of the Japanese tsunami and the Royal Wedding GDP growth in the UK is predicted to show a fall from 0.5% growth to 0.2% growth today. The bad news keeps on rolling in like the waves on our already battered shoreline – and business leaders, like modern-day King Canutes, are left trying to hold back the tide of despair.

Difficult times; however, call for inspirational leadership and out of every fire is the possibility for the rising phoenix of opportunity. These are difficult times and yet there is a reserve of resource that is available to all organisations that can help to turn these difficult times into positive outcomes – if we can find a way to tap into that reserve.

At Emenex we specialise in helping organisations unleash that ‘discretionary contribution’ that can arise when employees are empowered to take charge of their current and future development, to bring their talents into play in a more regular basis within their work, to design their work to fit with what is most important to them, and to align their activities with the needs of the organisation as it changes within this very fluid economic period.
We help employees to embrace change and find opportunities to deliver value to their customers as their needs are changing.
Publicly available research results from Gallup indicate that average organisations have a ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees of close to 2:1 whereas world class organisations have this ratio of closer to 8:1. Tapping into this 35% actively disengaged workforce is key, and at times when the organisations are having to do more with less, this becomes one of few options available to organisations to increase their resource pool.
This is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must do’ in these difficult economic times. Your organisation may have already taken measures to tap into this reserve, if so then you are probably one of the lucky few who feels confident that whatever the difficulties that your organisation can survive and indeed thrive in these difficult times.
For many; however, confidence in the future continues to be reflected in the economic numbers. These are troubling times; however, our future lies in our hands. Inspirational leaders must stand up and reach out for help where help is available and needed. We have a responsibility to each other to get the best out of those resources that we have available to us. Now is the time to take action before the tide really does hit our shores once again.
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