Actually, this isn’t a post about electricity, except incidentally in that it involves brain power…its rather a post about how we frame our statements and the implications of that framing.If I were to say to you;

don’t think about elephants

you’d find it very difficult to NOT at least reference elephants before you work to not think about them.  Its very different to the following statement;

think about antelopes


Don’t be evil

the old Google statement, is a world (maybe an eternity) of difference from

Be good

Which brings me to this Fast Company article “10 Things Tough Minds Don’t Do

As the title explains, this is a listing of the 10 things to avoid.  As you may gather, I struggle to find it helpful when couched in these negative terms, so I decided to relist the 10 things not to do and then suggest their positives i.e. the things to do;

1. Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Feel Positive about Yourself

2. Don’t Try To Control Everything

Control What You Can and Accept the Rest

3. Don’t Fear Failure

Celebrate Success

4. Don’t Fear a Smart Risk

Take Risks, Once You Understand Them

5. Don’t Discount Emotional Intelligence

Acknowledge your Feelings and Be Sensitive to Others Feelings

6. Don’t Shy Away From Transparency

Be Transparent

7. Don’t Fear Being Alone with Themselves

Like Who You Are

8. Don’t Think Success Happens Overnight

Work Hard and Stick to It

9. Don’t Have the Disease to Please

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

10. Don’t Get Jealous and Hyper-Competitive

Race Yourself

There you have it; my list of 10 Things Tough Minds Do Do!  What’s your view?

I hope you have the chance for a great Christmas and a stunning New Year.

May 2014 be the year in which you Nix the Negatives and Permit the Positives into your life.

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