Did you get to watch the semi-final of the Women’s World Cup?  It was so close, we lost 2-1 with an unfortunate own goal, which pushed the team out of the semi-finals. However, this left them with the best finish by any England team at a World Cup since the men were victorious in 1966!

Fara Williams’ extra-time penalty against Germany in Edmonton handed the Lionesses a 1-0 win that secured them the bronze medal in the tournament.

Lionesses return home with World Cup bronze

Lionesses return home with World Cup bronze

So, what is it that has made the Lionesses such a success? What lessons can we learn from them and apply into our lives?

One of the main reasons they have been so successful recently is that their new manger completely changed the support structure around them.  Mark Samson brought in a whole new back room staff, created a completely different  feeling in the dressing room.

New tactics, physiologist, psychologist, physio, fitness coaches ex-players who had been there and done it.

Perhaps the biggest reason, he actually showed a huge interest in them as people, not  just footy players, making them feel valued, important, more confident in who they are & happier in themselves. “

Laura Bassett’s comment after her unfortunate own goal shows just that, she said: “Credit to my team-mates, they’ve supported me in ways that I will never be able to repay them. They’ve been there for me, all the staff and Mark (Sampson, England manager), I’ll never forget that.”

When you are confident in yourself, happy in yourself and have the right  people around you…that is when you will be successful.

Here’s what Laura’s manager had to say “She’s been courageous, strong and kept this team together. She didn’t deserve that but she’ll be looked upon as a hero, an absolute hero. People will remember the Laura Bassett who headed and blocked and tackled and kept this team together.” – MARK SAMPSON

So, how can we look at that and make sure you become Lionesses (or Lions, gentlemen!) that get the results you want and maybe even make some personal history for yourselves?

Firstly, Look at the support network around you. Do the people you spend most time with support your goals?  If they do, then great.  That will be a huge factor in your success.

If they don’t (and this is sometimes hard to admit) it makes it 10 times harder and may lead to a distinct lack of success.

You know the type of people …
…go on, just have 1, it wont hurt…
…can you really be bothered….
…shall we just do (fill in the blank) instead….
you sure that’s a good idea…
…and any number of other similar comments you’ve heard over the years!

So if you want success, results and the best chance of hitting your goals like the England Ladies, then you need: the right tactics, the right mindset, the right plan, the right support network (crucial), and someone who cares about you as an individual (without ever being judged).

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