It is again that time of year when many of us take a few minutes to step back from the whirlwind of our day-to-day and consider what are the wildly important things that we would like to change in this next year that will have a significant impact on the well-being of our lives.  Sadly; however, many of these initiatives, although full of good intentions, often lack the detailed planning rigour and accountability to ensure that they persist beyond a few weeks or even days

So what can we learn from successful change management that we could apply to our New Year Transformations?

Tthe most successful organisational transformations are tied into its key priorities and have the planning rigour, lead and lag metrics, accountability and milestones built in to ensure that they are successful.

When it comes to successfully changing employee behaviours associated with a key strategic initiative there is so much more involved than merely telling the employee what the new priority is and providing them with some basic training on the new skills that we are expected to master.

Effective change management methodologies provide a structured approach for helping employees, departments and whole organisations change behaviours: before, during and after the agreement of the key transformation initiative.

Individuals move through stages of being made aware of the necessary transformation and why it is important to the organisation to supporting them to build the desire to change and acquiring the knowledge of what is required before developing the associated skills and receiving the support that they need to embed the new behaviours.

The rigour of this change management approach is what ensures that the desired change is supported throughout the process and is sustained when all of the initial excitement of the initiative has calmed down.

So if we really want to sustain our personal new year resolutions we ought to learn from the change management approach and consider how we might apply the same rigour that will ensure that our New Year Transformation efforts are sustained.

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