Last week saw the announcement of an interesting collaboration between Engage for Success (E4S) and the CIPD, with the latter set to become E4S’s prime sponsor in order to combine their voices, “to influence and support organisational thinking and practice to build more engaged, productive and aligned workforces.”unnamed-1

Many will recall E4S’s earliest impact along these lines with the publication in 2009 of their first research, Engaging for Success (David MacLeod and Nita Clarke), compiled to persuade Government, CEOs, and practitioners to take employee engagement seriously, and to begin applying its principles.

More government support for continued research followed in 2011, and yet E4S has ostensibly remained a not-for-profit, volunteer movement.  Nevertheless its record and variety of achievements is impressive, with research being a clear hallmark of its work.

And whilst this research from E4S and many others – plus countless case studies – continues to provide positive evidence of linking employee engagement to strong organisational performance (see here), the UK still carries an engagement deficit, thus providing CEOs and their boards with continuing scope to harness greater contribution, strengthen productivity and increase company performance.  And starting with the Four Enablers still seems as valid today for achieving future company success:

  • Strategic Narrative
  • Engaging Managers
  • Employee Voice
  • Integrity

The CIPD has been championing employee engagement for many years, working especially to develop HR capabilities and practices that steer and influence senior management teams.  As a Regional Ambassador for Engage for Success I believe CIPD support can only strengthen E4S’s momentum and increase their capacity for research that will help us all respond to profound changes still yet to occur in the world of work.

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