It’s official, computers have changed the way we think.  or to be more specific, computers have changed the way we use our memory.  Rather than remember the information itself, people are starting to remember where to find the information.  Our brains are becoming huge search engines, locating the source but not the info itself. No doubt there are people already working hard at how to wirelessly network our brain to Google or Bing, and as soon as Apple can, there will be an app for that, which will be launched by a small gesture or facial expression.

More importantly, are we in danger of losing something vital for human and organisation development? Will the changes in our brain degrade the creative thinking that is the catalyst for change, or will this evolution lead to something better ?  Current research in the USA suggests that children there are becoming less creative.  What does this mean for the next generation of businessmen and women and how will organisations need respond to the decline in creative thinking?

All too soon we could be passengers on a super space liner, being waited on hand and foot by automated robots, managed by Skynet, oblivious to the reality that is delivered to us by a hyperband, cerebral cortex connection.  Pixar has seen the future and all we have to do to live it, is do nothing.

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