Likened to some reality shows where weekly eliminations add to the excitement, the White House has once again not failed to disappoint as yet another senior advisor was dismissed for their position of power.  The credibility of this current administration continues to be called into question; meanwhile, the senate hearings on Russian intervention into the Presidential campaign continues to uncover more evidence that moves President Trump closer and closer to a disciplinary situation.

Whatever the events and outcomes of the US political situation, one thing that has already transpired is the decline of the credibility of the US as a result.  Integrity, whether at a personal, organisational or national level is so critical, particularly when it comes to leadership and the willingness of people to follow their direction.

Identified as one of the key enablers of employee engagement from the initial body of research conducted by the movement Engage For Success, integrity has two dictionary definitions:
1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
2. the state of being whole and undivided.

Being anchored to a strong set of values, and behaving in accordance with those values – both personal and organisational, is critical to the issue of trust, and it is trust that underpins relationships and our desire to interact with others.

However, it is the second definition, that of being whole and undivided that is the outcome of trust and determines whether an organisation is moving one one direction or whether it is rudderless and heading towards the rocks of destruction.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty at a geopolitical level, leadership integrity within organisations is more critical than ever for employees to trust the direction that their leaders are taking them in and follow their example.

Changing behaviours, particularly personality traits, is not something that can happen overnight; therefore, integrity is a quality that is built upon having clarity of both these personal and organisational values.  It not easy for us to be consistent in our behaviour if we are not clear about why that is important to us- likewise for an organisation.

If you are not already clear about your personal or organisational values then perhaps now is the time to invest the time into gaining a better understanding of what you stand for and ensuring that your behaviours reflect your intentions.

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