For the corporate leaders amongst us, McKinsey has recently published book recommendations that twelve international CEOs will be taking to the beach in the the coming months; including their own Dominic Barton.  It’s an extensive and eclectic list that will appeal, no doubt, to many would-be corporate leaders too.

Most of us in work are not corporate leaders – or even aspire to be –  but many more of us are managers of teams RTX1LVTB-1024x443or smaller groups looking to attract new talent, enable strong personal development for every one in the team, and sustain a strong collective performance, over time, for the organisation.

If as managers we are not yet leaders, then for our fast changing world of work, we need to be.  So says Jacob Morgan his book, The Future of Work (Wiley).   He contrasts our expectations of managers in the past with his ten principles for managers of the future (which is probably already here!):

  • Must be a leader
  • Follow from the front
  • Understand technology
  • Lead by example
  • Embrace vulnerability
  • Believe in sharing and collective intelligence
  • Challenge convention and be a fire starter
  • Practice real-time recognition and feedback
  • Be conscious of personal boundaries
  • Adapt to the future employee

In fact, Morgan gives us a big-picture perspective for everyone in work: organisations, managers and employees. Almost a map to help readers understand how to adapt.  And maps can be useful on holiday.

If we’re tempted by McKinsey’s list, this zen-like holiday reading might appeal, Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (and World Peace), by Chade-Meng Tan; an early engineer working for Google and now personal growth pioneer responsible for teaching their best and brightest how to apply mindfulness techniques in the office and beyond.

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