Like it or not (and Mr Murdoch doesn’t seem to like it at all!) accountability is one of the key behaviours that leaders need to demonstrate in order to establish and maintain long-term and sustainable success. So what is the cost of not developing this behaviour? $1Bn yesterday, who knows how much today?

The culture at News International does not seem to have been one of transparency or accountability. Mr Murdoch argued that he runs a global business of 53,000 people and the paper is “just 1%” of this. He said he was not ultimately responsible for what went on at the News of the World. When asked who was responsible for this he said: “The people I trusted to run it and maybe the people they trusted” saying that he was too focused on his US newspaper interests and that he had “perhaps lost sight” of what was going on at the paper.

As captain Edward John Smith of the Titanic found out, to his detriment, and the lives of 1,500 of his passengers who perished on that fateful day of 15th 1913, leadership is all about accountability, delegation of trust and ultimately taking responsibility for the actions of those to whom you have entrusted your authority. Leadership can be plain sailing for most of the journey; however, it is when the wind blows that great leaders show their quality.
Business Leaders need to be fully aware of their responsibilities and the expectations that others have of them. For some this comes naturally. For most they are learned from experience. For those who are fortunate enough they are taught early on in their careers and developed as part of their journey.

Does your organisation invest in, teach and develop leadership behaviours that will clarify to your leaders what is expected of them and help them avoid what the Murdochs are currently experiencing? A $Billion today says the investment might just be worthwhile!

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