I was interested to read this new item on the BBC news website the other day:

Kings of Leon have cancelled their US tour amid reports of problems within the band.

The cancellation comes three days after front-man Caleb Followill left the stage during a show in Dallas, Texas.

He said he was no longer able to sing because of “heat exhaustion and dehydration”.

But his brother, bassist Jared Followill, said in a tweet that the band has “internal sicknesses & problems” that go beyond dehydration.

“I can’t lie,” he wrote. “There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade.”

It’s always sad when something like that happens, and other band members have written about their shame and embarrassment. It is clear that there are all sorts of problems within the band, that will need to be resolved their tour continues in Canada in September.

So what do they need to do between now and then? Well, clearly some physical rest will be a good idea – it’s demanding being on the road. However, that won’t be enough on its own. The reality is that relationship problems don’t simply evaporate when you’re rested – they may seem less important, but they’ll still be there, bubbling under the surface and looking for a place to come out again.

If the tour (and their reputation) is going to have any chance of being rescued, they must identify and resolve the problems that led to the current situation. That’s going to involve some personal honesty, some direct feedback, possibly a bit of pain, and perhaps even some outside help.

It’s no different, in fact, to the corporate teams I work with. Often, conflict arises for one reason or another – sometimes it’s open and sometimes not, but if the team is to continue to deliver top results, it must learn to deal with its problems – not by walking off stage, but by confronting them and working through the causes, so they can set new standards and increase their productivity.

There’s always a cost when teams are working through conflict – but not as great as when the conflict remains. The Kings of Leon will have to sort out their issues before their tour continues. What about your team? Are there problems holding you back, preventing your team delivering the results required? What action do you need to take now, to make sure your future is not compromised and to ensure you don’t let your customers down?

It’s risky – but not as risky as doing nothing when something needs to be done.

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