Despite it being over 40 years ago, I remember one school chemistry lesson vividly. The teacher filled a large bowl with water, and asked what effect it would have on fire. “It would put it out” we said, thinking it was rather too basic a question. Then he produced a lump of potassium. What will happen if I drop this into water? he asked. Erm… we didn’t know, but guessed it would dissolve. Telling all of us to put on our safety glasses, he dropped the potassium into the bowl of water and… Boom! There was a cloud of smoke and an explosion, to which another teacher came running to see if all was well. He was confronted by a group of pupils peering out above the laboratory benches, behind which we had taken refuge.

In chemistry, the combination of two substances can produce dramatic results! And in business, too, the partnership of two complementary businesses can produce outstanding opportunities. That’s why Emenex have become the UK’s primary business partner for IBM Kenexa surveys. So what do each of us bring to this partnership?

Many regard IBM Kenexa as the market leader for online assessments and surveys. Driven by years of computing expertise and a robust, global infrastructure that provides consistent and extensive reporting capability, IBM surveys have credibility, capability and functionality that are unrivalled. That’s why the old adage “Nobody got fired for choosing IBM” spread through the business world.

Just as potassium without water sits idly on a laboratory bench, so a survey without action is pointless; in fact it’s worse than pointless, as conducting a survey raises expectations that some action will follow. If this isn’t the case, it will actually act to reduce engagement. Emenex are experienced in using employee survey data to promote and support organisations on their journey to business transformation, helping them take focused, measurable action to act on the data, with powerful results.

Explosive results from a powerful combination: IBM Kenexa and Emenex. As people become aware of our partnership they are taking a good look at how this powerful combination supports their ongoing efforts to get the most from and for their people, and truly transform their businesses.

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