look forwardAs I write this, it’s just a few days before Christmas, and like millions of people around the world my mind is turning towards celebration and precious family times. Admittedly, for some Christmas can come with sad memories of loved ones no longer with us; but whatever your circumstances, Christmas is a great time to look back, look in and look forward.

Look Back
Look back and remember the good things that have happened during this year. They may be just small acts of kindness shown by someone, or significant and exciting events that have had a real and positive impact on your life. Take time to be grateful and to share the memories with those who are important to you.

Look in
As the busyness of work gives way to the busyness of preparing for a big celebration, make sure there is at least some time to  “just be.” The pressures of modern life can mean we miss so much; sometimes, it’s good to just sit back a while, and let life happen around – just “be” in whatever circumstances occur. (Admittedly, that can be tricky if you have young children…!). You may do that by worshipping Christ (after whom this festival named, after all), or meditating, or sharing special time with those close to you; but look for some time when you can just “be.”

Look forward
After Christmas comes the new year – a great opportunity to look forward and ask yourself: What am I going to do this year to bring about more great events to reflect on next Christmas?! I’m not a great fan of new-year resolutions (probably because I have an awful track record at keeping them…) but a well thought through and planned intention is rather different.

Whatever you’ll be doing this Christmas, and wherever you will be, may I wish you all a truly Happy Christmas!

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