The terrorist attacks that happened in Manchester and London have seen both the worst and best of human behaviour as individuals have sought to break a people in their so called ‘religious cause,’ so we have seen a coming together of so much good as the crisis unfolded and then as the victims emerged.

While members of the public put their own lives in danger by tackling rampaging terrorists armed with knives, the on-duty emergency services rushed towards the crisis while off-duty nurses, doctors, porters, ambulance drivers, police and fire professionals returned to their posts to make themselves available to help.



As was observed, these crisis present the opportunity for individuals to dig into their reservoir of discretionary contribution as they respond to the clarity of purpose that presents itself.  While organisations would not choose to create crisis on a regular basis, the response of people to crisis reminds us just how important that clarity of purpose is to the successful engagement of people within organisations.

Organisations and leaders that create and share a strategic narrative with their employees that provides clarity of purpose can expect to find their people dipping into their discretionary contribution on a more regular basis as they bring their best to work.

While there are some that would seek to take away our civil liberties and freedom with which we speak and live, it is encouraging to see how these crisis bring out so much latent good in people as they rally around in defiance of this threat with a greater determination to continue in the exercising of our freedom.

In the run-up to the general election that will take place later this week, perhaps politicians will better understand the nature of their voters and recognise that what this country really needs is leadership that unites the country in a common purpose and that once elected, their responsibility is to work together to continue to dip into that discretionary good.

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