“The future of employer branding is in the hands of their employees and employers will “lose control ” of their employer brand”.  This is the message from Teresa Collis Head of Global Employer Marketing, Employer Branding at Siemens.  In a recent interview  Teresa sets out a future where employees will gain control of their employers brand through social media.  
So what does this mean for employers?  If you want to recruit and retain the best people, you have to invest in your current workforce.  The levels of engagement with your vision, values and priorities will be reflected in your employer brand. In effect your current employees will be letting everyone know if you are a worthwhile company to work for, or do business with. 
Social media is an incoming wave that can’t be held back. Disciplining people are the actions of King Canute – it’s never going to work in the longer term and it may be causing your business irreparable harm. Rather than trying to tighten your grip through social internet policies and restrictions, engage with the people who use it.   The future of your business lies with Generation Facebook.  Social media is an intrinsic part of their lives. 
more than 4 years ago, author Gary Hamil (Wall Street Journal Management 2.0)  concluded that an organisation’s environment has to reflect the social context of the web.  It’s this alignment between an individual’s personal brand (see last weeks blog) and the organisational culture that produces increased engagement. What are you and your organisation doing to build alignment?  – It is a joint responsibility.  Don’t risk drowning in the onrushing storm, the only course of action is to set sail full steam ahead to its heart.

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