When your organisation prepares for a major change, how confident are you that each employee will embrace it, so that you will achieve your intended outcomes?

We help you get what you need from change, by focusing on the often-neglected people side of change.

While Project Management (i.e. managing the process and procedural side of change) has become embedded within most organisations, it is the ability to manage the people side of change (i.e. Change Management) that differentiates successful organisations.

Change Management provides a robust framework that enables, empowers and engages employees with the evolving priorities of your organisation.

As Change Management practitioners, we build tailored solutions that support you through your whole change process. Using tried and tested methodologies, processes and tools we tackle change from three perspectives: top-down, bottom-up and across functions.

The results? Typically these include:

  • Change objectives are realised
  • Productivity rises
  • Change adoption levels increase
  • Engagement levels increase
  • Employee turnover is reduced
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Take Charge of Your Career

Designed to empower individuals to develop high performance for themselves, Take Charge of Your Career develops the essential skills to deliver high performance at all levels in the organisation:

"The extraMILETM programme has unleashed the potential of our workforce by empowering them to take responsibility for their own development. We are now even more confident that we employ truly great people who are doing truly great work.”   Kirsty Gilchrist, MD, Twogether Creative Limited.

The extraMILETM survey is a new way of measuring employee alignment and engagement.

The Take Charge workshop aligns career aspirations with business priorities to create a win-win for employees and their organisation

The extraMILE Framework builds the foundations of a high performance culture by aligning individual development with organisational priorities.